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About Avantie

About Avantie 

Avantie Global Consultancy(Employment Agency License No.: 66347) is established in Hong Kong in 1999. We are one of the leading consultancy companies in Hong Kong engaging in global talents search and provision of professional human resources management services. Our philosophy is ^your ultimate HR partner. ̄ We are business partners to our clients (both potential employers and job seekers) for one common goal - to resolve their HR needs.

With Avantie Global Consultancy, clients can expect a level of professional, high quality and efficient customer service from our expert team who possesses solid business and HR management experience in major key players of their industry with multinational presence. 

Our thorough knowledge of the market, our strong customer focus backed by an extensive database of potential candidates and a worldwide recruitment network enable Avantie Global Consultancy provides timely, efficient, quality services and solutions to the utmost satisfaction of our clients in Executive Search, Recruitment of Permanent, contract & Temporary placement, Outsourcing, Outplacement and other Strategic Human Resources Solutions including staff training & development. 

Avantie Global Consultancy specializes in the following industry sectors:

l   Banking & Finance

             Wholesale, Trading & Retail

l   Building & Construction

             Sales & Marketing

l   Industrial and Manufacturing

             Accounting & Legal

l   IT & Telecom


l   Transportation & Logistic

             Hospitality & Tourism


Avantie Global Consultancy works with both employers and job seekers to achieve a successful match of their needs. 



Executive Search

Avantie Global Consultancy provides senior management level recruitment services through its extensive database of highly qualified and experienced executives globally combined with direct searches via our widely established recruitment network and advertising on Avantie¨s website and relevant recruitment media websites.

We are professionals and highly respect the confidentiality of executive search when delivering this service to our clients.

Avantie Global Consultancy handles executive search for the following management functions:

        General Management

        Business Development

        Supply Chain & Logistics

        Information Technology

        Wholesale & Retail

        Human Resources

        Sales & Marketing

        Financial Management

        Procurement and Merchandising

        Project and Technical Management

        Production and Engineering

        Other support management roles

We will have meetings with our clients to extract all relevant information essential to the successful search of the executives prior to commencement of search process.

Permanent Recruitment

Avantie Global Consultancy handles all aspects of recruitment for all permanent vacancies of clients.  Our professional and experienced consultants fully understand our clients¨ requirements in details and recommend shortlisted candidates timely.

We have solid experience in working side by side with our clients¨ HR team in delivery of successful placements from staff of general to supervisory and junior management level as well as specialists positions.

Our permanent recruitment services cover the following industry groups:

        Banking & Finance

        Construction and Property

        Sourcing & Merchandising

        IT & Telecom

        Industrial Manufacturing


        Retail & Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

        Hospitality & Tourism

        Supply Chain & Logistics

        Professional Services


Temporary Placement

Avantie Global Consultancy provides clients with skilled temporary staff to resolve their specific manpower requirement. Temporary staff can be directly under employment of Avantie Global and posted to our clients¨ offices until completion of assignment. The assignment is flexible and the duration depends on the business needs of our clients. This arrangement will be beneficial to our clients in eliminating their concerns with issues such as headcount budgeting and additional administrative work, including MPF contributions, insurance and payroll administration. Avantie Global Consultancy will manage and administer all these manpower related processes.

Alternatively, our clients can take up employment of the temporary staff for a specific duration as a fixed term contract staff.  

Avantie Global Consultancy has solid experience in management and provision of temporary staff services to a number of the Hong Kong SAR government departments and multinational entities.

Outsourcing Services

Avantie Global Consultancy provides services to clients for handling of their existing payroll, holiday leave, medical, mandatory provident fund contributions, etc thus relieving clients of a considerable administrative burden. 

Avantie Global Consultancy has solid experience in management of outsourcing services for a number of the Hong Kong SAR government departments and multinational entities.


Outplacement Services

Avantie Global Consultancy provides customized professional advice and career guidance to displaced employees and can tailor-make a services package for clients incorporating elements including career guidance, resume building, coaching on interview techniques, provision of office support and active job search.

Learning & Development

Avantie Global Consultancy offers services to clients requiring talents development programs and can propose tailored management and development programs specially customized to the individual client needs.